Jeff Klein – The Hustler (album)

by Davey

Jeff Klein, one of the most honest and intimate songwriters around, still riding the wave of success following his second album ‘Everybody Loves A Winner’ is all set to release a new completely different album. Why? Because he can, and because he wants to prove he’s not just the one trick pony that made that stripped down sexy album a couple of years back.
‘The Hustler’ is rich and languid, atmospheric, and just a little bit uncomfortable to listen to. Klein drew the inspiration behind his relaxed acoustic style from the New Orleans culture; it’s a cliché thing, but it seems to work for Klein, who etches velvet images of the sunsets and hot cracked streets of the city with his voice. Deep and sincere, Klein has the talent and the attitude to take him places, provided he wants to visit them. I get the feeling he’s very much his own man.