Happy Birthday OI!

That’s right, dudes, this month marks the two year anniversary of OI’s very first issue!

Do help yourself to a glass of Moet.


2004 seems like forever ago now. Them were the days. We were a printed zine back then, would you believe?! Aye, it’s a wonder we ever made it through the woes of printing, stapling & dodgy machinery in one piece! But we did. And this month we bring you many a great interview! I recommend the Disarm interview, if what you’re looking for is a nonsensical record of a slightly wild, incessantly rowdy twenty minutes and fifteen seconds.

Just so you know, Davey’s monthly Instrument Of The Issue and Blast From The Past articles are on hold, while the newest edition to OI – Rockaganda – takes to the stage. Instead of reflecting on the past, she’ll be whoring the most awesome new rock acts to hit uncivilised society.


Anyway, you know what to do. Go search & read to your hearts content.


See y’all next month.