Hamburg 11.3.06

by Eli (supported by Cora)

The Darkness-Concert review

The first German TD-concert of the OWTTHAB-tour took place in a club called “Große Freiheit”,a smaller venue for about 1000 people. Beginning: 19:00 pm.

We (Cora and I) arrived at 18:45 pm and heard the last song of the supporting act “Doomfoxx”.
As the club wasn´t overcrowded at that time, it was no problem to reach the first row, left side, immediately. During the break we considered the best way giving our birthday presents to Justin and finally decided to throw it on stage in a plastic bag, hoping not to hurt anyone.

For me it was the first time seeing TD live and although Cora has seen them several times live on stage, we were both trembling and full of expectations. Checking the cameras again and again…

Then the lights went down and while more and more people rushed in (the club was sold out),
the first tunes of Abba´s “Arrival” were played. The air was vibrating, a shouting and cheering crowd. And finally they entered the stage:
Ed took his place behind the drums and was mostly hidden, so we couldn´t face him for the whole show. What a pity! But we could hear his powerful drumming all the time.
Dan appeared and he stood right in front of us. So near, couldn´t believe it. Looking so gorgeous in his black jeans, black Thin Lizzy (what else) shirt and a black jacket, which he got rid of very soon.
Richie, wearing black leather trousers, well-formed and a black muscle shirt,
and finally Justin in his very tight and sexy black and white trousers and jacket and a black muscle shirt underneath. He took off the jacket and the shirt later, asking us, if we wanted to see the “Flames”. What a question! ( A German magazine called him “greasy”. Shame on them!. He is very proper and in a good form.)

Then the first lines of “Knockers”. Hands up. The crowd was enthusiastic from the beginning. Justin´s voice sounded so powerful, he did a great performance, animated us. He seemed to be everywhere, flirting with us.
Dan played on the left side most of the time, very concentrated and full of passion, far away…( have a look at those “guitargasm”pics and you know what I mean!), wandering around and posing from time to time. And we were happy, if we could catch a view on his face without his long curly hair covering it most of the evening. Interesting to see that he changed his guitar after every song.

Richie had his position on the right side, but whirled around during the whole show with a happy smile on his face, played with fun and showed it. Shaking his hips together with Dan, playing in front of Ed. Richie fits 100 percent and you can feel the strong bondage and the vibes between all group members. A good team, enjoying it to play together.

That evening they really gave their best .They worked their arses off for us. They rocked us and so did we. The crowd was getting louder with every minute, jumping, dancing. And what a marvellous light show! We were electrified from head to toe, everyone joining the TD Family, singing every line of each song, no matter if old or new:

“One Way Ticket”.., “Is it just me?”,” Growing on me”,” Dinner Lady Arms”, “Giving up”, “Black Shuck”, “Love on the rocks”, “Love is only a feeling”.
Dan´s solo at “Seemed like a good idea”:and Justin´s voice at “Blind Man”: Very touching.
Then “Hazel Eyes” and “Get your hands off”. We were animated to join in again and Justin shouted out: “ You are so loud” (Of course we were!)
Then a short episode in German language: Justin´s question:” What is “Motherfucker” called in German?” is answered by a vibrating crowd. He didn´t get it three times and so the microphone wandered around and a friendly German chap finally gave the answer.

Rocking through” Friday night” and “Girlfriend”.
Richie started a solo: Beginning with AC/DCs: “Thunderstruck” turning to “I believe in a thing called love”. Everyone´s shaking again.

Then at least Justin´s ride on the shoulders of some strong men with his blinking guitar. He came very near to us. Cora reached his shoulder. I failed taking a pic of him( without his head, but his nipple on). Nevermind!

They disappeared from stage after their last song and were called back so loudly to give us two more songs: “English Country Garden” and “Bald”.

Our ears were still ringing afterwards and we went hypnotized to the bar and took some drinks, then had a short look at the merchandise (nice men behind the counter, by the way)
and went to the wardrobe.

I should tell, that we managed to give the birthday presents to Justin in the second half of the show. Cora grabbed out her shirt with “Sexgod” on it, shouted three times at Justin and he took notice of her. The presents were handed to him. He looked at the shirt, called out:”Oh, Sexgod!”, grinned and gave us to understand that he would open the other presents later.

We met some friends and decided to wait for the group at the backdoor. Hamburg didn´t have so much snow for ages and it was icy cold outside . Who cares? The things you do for your favourite musicians!
We talked so much, that we nearly missed them. They were already standing there and we hurried up.
They were good-humoured with a bottle of beer in their hands. We took photos, autographs were given and we had a little chat. Cora outed herself as the shirt girl and Justin even asked who gave him the little giraffe (one of my presents). He was pleased and friendly.
Richie was very open-minded. He asked, if we enjoyed the show, said that he loved Hamburg; but not the weather. He was very interested in what he was looking like in our pics. His comment: “Oh terrible” (We don´t think so!)
Oh and I have to apologize Dan for not asking him about his injured wrist (Tour diary Helsinki). I was too excited. I forgot it. Sorry!
Finally they all slipped into the tour bus and we were left behind very, very happy.

At the end of the review, I want to thank TD for their awesome live show and the little time afterwards.
Hope you´ll soon come back to Hamburg and play another hot show ( so hot – like Dan said in his tour diary – “ that their trousers had to be prised after the show!”)