Gaining a new religion

by Jo – for and on behalf of all of you who contacted me about this

So, been debating on whether to write this or not for ages. But, on the eve of something about to happen, it doesn’t seem like I’m doing my job if I don’t. The Darkness forum, home to so many of us, has been shut down for ‘maintenance’. Ostensibly, this is because there is big news coming, which indeed there is. We’re expecting the launch of thenewband… aww for christ’s sake. The Stone Gods. I’m sick of having to step lightly about that name. It’s on every ticket agency in the land, why should I worry about putting it on here? Darklings have at least been aware of it being the likely name for months now, after it was ‘leaked’. I’m not going to put the tour dates up here until the band do. You can find them on the ticket agencies as well, and you probably already have tickets anyway! I’ll only be in more trouble with the band than I probably already am, for pre-empting them, and I always said I wouldn’t… trouble is, it’s getting more and more difficult not to talk about this stuff here when it’s all over the net. All our information is coming from secondary and tertiary sources, nothing is being confirmed or denied, and we have nowhere to talk about it at the moment. No one truly understands what’s going or not going on, everyone is concerned. I can’t deny I’ve wanted to walk away from this situation. I’ve never come across anything quite like it, and to be honest, it’s made me feel like I’m pretty worthless and that all my efforts have been in vain.
We’re talking about a band that we’ve supported through thick and thin, all of us. Tickets have been bought and flights booked merely on a promise, on memories, and expectation. Until next Thursday(today is 17th November, that’ll be the 22nd) no one even has a clue what they sound like. (Something might go up before then, maybe… it’ll be different live anyway.)How’s that for faith and loyalty? It’s good, I’ve been told. It damn well should be! These are four lads with talent and determination that have spent a bloody long time writing, recording and mixing this until they are satisfied that it rocks sockless. They’ve worked damn hard for this.
Our hopes and prayers are right behind them. The edge of the sofa has long been worn away and the carpet is bare with our nervous pacing. The desire for them to succeed burns hot and strong. May the Coming of the new Gods be bright and glorious…
May it be so for the fans and the band alike.

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