by Jo

Engerica – Norwich UEA

Wooo… out gigging on a Saturday night.. off to see engerica supporting Yellowcard. Blimey, the UEA is full of people I could have given birth to without being a gymslip mum. And they’re squealing at each other.. well the girls are.. aaaghhh. Nice t shirts on the stand.. it’s packed, and hot in here tonight.

Right. Found a place to stand. I love the UEA with its sunken dance floor. The steps are great for viewing. The pit is already heaving, and it won’t take much to set the kids off tonight… no, it doesn’t. I’ve not seen many support bands get them rocking before arriving on stage..

The three are on stage, giving it all. They look like indie kids to me, so the heaviness of the sound is a surprise.. and I’ve NEVER seen anyone headbang as fast as Mike the bassist. Rock credentials presented, they run, rock, excite, wiggle bums at the crowd.. who love it. ‘My Demise’, ‘Arsehole’ and the latest single ‘The Smell’ are all enthusiastically greeted by a set of wild young things.

They can entertain, these chaps, and they fit perfectly in niche. Loud, energetic, and something we can all do together in our bedrooms. That niche ain’t mine, but hey.. they rocked the kids, and that’s the point, isn’t it?


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