engerica: My Demise

by Emma

New to the scene trio Engerica are preparing to whip up a storm. New single My Demise will be released on 25th July and is not the first taster of this fun-fuelled three piece that we have heard so far.

My Demise is a nicely noisy track with a wicked opening riff and fist throwing shouts of ‘Hey!’ and fast paced quick changing hooks that let you know that this band have been working together for a fair few years. Vocals are wild and pretty damned variable as the track demonstrates soft vocals, punky verses and rampant screams!

The second track Arsehole is straight down the line punk and professes to be nothing besides that!

Engerica have recently supported the ever-rising Million Dead on tour and look set for success.

(This also appeared in August 2005 – issue 9)