Do it in the Dark – Justin Hawkins

by Jo

Justin’s latest work for charity took us by surprise and the goolies – he kept this fairly quiet, but now it’s up on his myspace. It’s all in aid of a brand new green issues collective that gives people easy targets to help cut down their carbon footprint – nothing too tricky and things that are likely to turn into good habits. The whole thing with illuminating video is at – cocks can dance, y’know, but if I saw that in my bedroom, I’d either assume it was Superman in trouble, or call an ambulance…
It’s got those unbelievable vocals and soaring rock riffs that we expect from the boy HawkLord, along with some smashing sound effects – the BBC had better check their archives, methinks. The whole experience startles, but it’ll make you laugh yourself wet. What did you expect?
The myspace and dothegreenthing versions are different, so listen to both – Myspace is a straight(er)song version. Justin says in his blog, just clearing up a few things:

”The Green Thing website is slightly misleading in that it names me as the sole writer of Do It In The Dark. In truth I worked with a formidable songwriting partner, Naresh Ramchandani who not only came up with the title, but wrote most of the lyrics for the piece.
As always, I wrote the melodies and music and played everything apart from Ramchandani’s trademark cowbell in the verses. My partner also joined me on BVs.”

He also says that he did it in the dark. Let’s all join him!

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