Diary of a stressed-out rock fan

by Sheri

Diary Of A Stressed Out Rock Fan

Well, what fun was had in June – I think not! Those who used to use the forum back in the days when TD were just becoming famous will remember me crying into my keyboard over the stupid bitch hairdresser that ruined my life. After asking for blonde on top and red underneath ala Justin Hawkins stylee, I ended up with it all running into each other and a lovely (or not) shade of pink all over! Anyway, this time it wasn’t pink, just a horrific shade of prostitute blonde. Had to have brown put back through it to take out the brassy-ness. I then felt like a tiger with stripy bits but anything was better than the previous look. Am supposed to be working now too, my part time job is working from home but I just can’t seem to concentrate. Could be something to do with the humungous pile of washing that seems never ending or the fact that Riley is constantly screaming for my attention. I have realised that this month it is 1 year and four months since I last went to a gig and 11 months since I set foot in a cinema. In fact, the closest I have got to any rock action this month is when the sales woman came round selling N-Power electricity. Heard me call the dog and said “oh, Brodie. Are you a Distillers fan by any chance?” Made my fucking day!

Also feel incredibly fat but flat chested after a lovely incident in which Justin bought me some lingerie and the knickers were too small but the bra too big so, I’ve decide to go on a diet so as to look svelte at my sons first birthday family bbq. So far I’ve lost no weight and the herbal detox tea I’m drinking tastes like shit. How the hell do other people lose baby weight so effortlessly? Saying that, Id rather have a bit extra “meat” than look like Victoria “skelitor” Beckham

My things for the month


That bloody “punk rocker with flowers in my hair” shit. I personally, have NEVER seen a punk rocker with flowers in their hair. Load of bollocks.

Riley shoving my toothbrush down the toilet.


The Editors.

Riley turning the sky over to the music channel all by himself and rocking out to Kerrang!


Why do people always vote out the bitchiest but most interesting people on big Brother?

Sherilee (Sixsister 3)