Darkwatch #USA

The Darkness have been to America.

A very short statement for an event that meant such a lot to The Darkness’ and Darklings’ worlds! Not that long after a pretty brilliantly amazing tour in the UK and Ireland,  a second tour with an identical lineup was announced for the US. Not a comprehensive tour, but with other commitments no doubt in place,  it’s still pretty packed with as much ground covered as possible.  Cue an eruption of  American Darkling frenzy – and who can blame them? We’d felt  the same here, and we’d already had our first taste of ‘what was’ morphing into  ‘what will be’.

Staggered presales via a link only available on TD’s Facebook page went amazingly well, selling out in the majority of venues. That was mirrored by the general sale release – almost full sell out.  Another New York date was added, and the last three dates announced extended the tour to the whole of Februrary, give or take.  Fantastic news – well, to me it looks like a bloody good feat!

The excitement hit fever pitch. My ears are still ringing from cybercheers in some quarters. There are a LOT of people out there who have waited a very long time to see TD at all, and thought they had missed their chance. Once TD arrived, it was like the Pond didn’t exist, as a sound barrier, anyway. With a couple of new songs and a new stage outfit that added an awful amount of sex to the stars and stripes, there’s no way anyone could possibly say they were shortchanged. Supercharged is probably more accurate!

Reviews, comments and photos all point to one thing – that this was a special kinda tour for everyone., with all sorts of things happening. Hazel Eyes on the set list. The ace treasure hunts for tickets, held on Twitter. Justin’s dive into the crowd from the balcony (holy shit, Justin, I have problems looking down from balconies, never mind jumping!). The banter, the anecdotes, the joy of being plunged into Darkness.  Could it have been better?

Not really. Not from fandom’s point of view. However, on Superbowl night, a different kind of glory came with an unexpected  and very important event. In a Samsung phone advert, Justin appeared with a crowd, a choir and some chaos playing along to IBIATCL – right in the middle of the Superbowl. One of the most prestigious ad breaks in the US, with a worldwide captive audience.  Fuck the PHONE, this was just about the most perfectly timed superb bit of PR/management brilliance EVER. In minutes, TD were worldwide trending, and had gone to the top of iTunes rock charts.  This was a coup of monumental proportions, so deep curtsies all round to the team that clinched that one.

A few weeks filled with travel and gig frenzy and they came back to rest and plunge back into album work. Job partly done in America – not wholly, because since then more dates have been announced and tickets gone on sale. Round 2, anyone?


My thanks to all those who sent contributions to OI during the last tour. If there’s anyone else willing to do the same, drop me a line.  

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