Darkwatch #lostcount

Best news all year. Some bands are just best in places where the sweat drips off the walls even before the crowd are let in. TD’s announcement:

Its looking like we have many many more of these ahead, certainly towards the end of the year we will. if that hint didn’t land heavy enough, lets make it plain : come Winter time, we will be getting into a bus and setting up equipment in some rooms up and down the British Isles. a majority of these rooms will probably have a bar towards the back / side, and we will then stand at one and and play music songs for those who care to listen.
BE WARNED… after the massive rooms and outdoor spaces of the Gaga tour, and the large-ish rooms that we did in the Springtime here in the UK, we’ve really been enjoying the sweaty rock’n’roll vibe of the smaller USA shows recently… so we’re looking to recreate that for this tour. Rooms will be a little smaller, and a little more off-the-beaten-track than you would maybe expect. Let’s look at it as an Outreach experiment. Spread the word.
we will have news on Tuesday or Wednesday this week coming.
TD x

Tuesday and Wednesday are now taken care of.

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