Darkwatch #11 3/4

Stop Press! 

TD confirm today by Twitter: 

Good news! We’re premiering “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” (new song + video) on http://RollingStone.com Weds morning (9am EST).

That’s 2pm for the UK.

I forgot where we’d got to on these, so I made it up. Here we go then – a round up of some stuff you already know, but in one short bit of waffle.

So… America it is, this week. After a good few donkeys, four lads are off to plant metaphorical and musical Lowestoft flags all over the States.  Judging by the speed of the ticket sales and adding of new dates, America is as hungry for TD as a Black Shuck after a hard day at the church door. Good luck over there – busy tour schedule and travelling alone look quite daunting, but I guess they’re used to that sort of thing by now. There are some great fans waiting to see The Darkness for the first time – some I’ve known for 7 years or so – and the tizzy level is getting out of control in some quarters (with justification!). While that’s in the last stages of prep, there’s plenty else to be going on with.

Check out Judge Dredd Megazine  (link to info) which features TD  in American Reaper. Interesting, if slightly bizarre. I haven’t read 2000 AD since I was a slip of  a lass, when 2000 seemed a lifetime away! Also check out (if you can get it) High Voltage magazine (also see @highvoltagemag) as they have a TD special. It’ll be on sale on tour, if I read that right.

More news – The Darkness are sponsoring a local roller derby team, The Norfolk Brawds. Both Ed and Dan have been seen sporting their Tshirts, which are pretty fine. That’s got to be one of the best sponsorships ever – last time round it was a racing car. Ace, but not quite as cool as this. Justin has also been quoted as saying he wrote three songs about the Lowestoft fishing industry declining, via nme.com.

Best thing, though, as revealed yesterday – new music and new video is  to be unveiled this week. A photo of little teeny Darkness figures have been posted as a little teaser – look out for those on eBay one day. A new Darkness release! The wait (phase 2) is almost over. Best, BEST news.

Some Twitter  tour fun has also been promised, so set your mobile alerts.

Have I missed anything? Umm… probably.


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