Dan the Saviour

by Jo

A fanfare for the uncommon man.. Daniel Hawkins, this week the saviour of news- and floof-starved darklings the length and breadth of the universe, blogged, and said universe partied. The boys are back!!! working and playing hard, writing, recording and rocking – doing what they do best for the good of all. And it sounds bloody good! (I guessed, educatedly, i have as much idea as you..) I was holding out for a hero, and lo… It might be uphill, but we’ll carry up to where you all should be, if we have to.

So, the debate now is – to be Darkness or not to be Darkness? (I’ve come over all literary)My tiny small opinion is not. Move on and up.. The Darkness image is too strong. Some would say that Queen managed it after Freddie died, but they’d been around for many years by then and all of them were ingrained in the national psyche. TD haven’t been, sadly. Let’s get Ed, Richie and Dan known by millions, as they deserve. Queen also managed to preserve their iconic sound – whether it’s Richie or someone else singing, TD will find that a tad tricky, so why bother trying? Off with the old, and on with the new. These boys won’t be caught with the Emperor’s Clothes.

Anyway.. let’s go rockrockrockrockrockrock…

Ahem. Where’s the valium? Darklings in need!