CSS – Norwich Waterfront

by Jo

CSS – Cansei der Ser Sexy

Bit chilly out last Monday night, but we popped along anyway to see CSS at the behest of Mr 2. MONDAY???? first day of the week and I’m out? blimey. Big crowd.. I’ve not seen such a silly collection of haircuts and clothes sense since the 80’s. Oh to be young.
First up we had Crystal Clear (i think. can’t find me flyer)Now, I do like a girl based band and we had two tonight. What I don’t like is girl vocalists who shout instead of singing. There’s no need! And that ballsy in your face angstvoice has been done so often. Tell you what, though, they made a bloody good noise. I didn’t dislike them at all.

CSS, fresh from Brazil and taking over the planet, bounce on, and they’ve got everyone jumping. SO much energy, punk disco singalongs exciting and pleasuring their fervent adherents beautifully. Crowdpleasers abound. This was a sweaty, dancy, moshy and friendly gig. As it should be. ‘Off the Hook’ and ‘Let’s Make Love’ made glorious appearances. Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing this lot again!

But.. please.. SING if you’re a vocalist. Don’t shout, and don’t SPEAK your lyrics. It may be just a personal thing that… judge for yourself.


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