Corporation Blend – For All My Sins – Single Review

by Emma

Are you ready for Corporation:blend? Prepare yourselves for a wild rampage of cyber keyboard and riproaring guitar as Rob Owen, Ash Howard, Andy Harrison and Dexy K unleash themselves upon your ears!

For All My Sins is a mysterious sleazefest of dirty glam punk rock. Sounding like nothing else that is around at this time Corporation:blend rip through the song with an unashamed confidence that is really appealing. Like seizing Bowie from the past and making him much more filthy and dangerously unpredictable. These guys are on fire.

Blew It takes a different shape altogether and is almost early Guns N’ Roses with the same don’t give a fuck attitude and gritty loudness. Guitar and drums are more prominent on this track, Owen demonstrates an impressive vocal capacity with ease. Close your eyes and vision big punk hair and glam make up, but in actual fact these guys are a far cry from the mental image they create.

Corporation:blend clearly have a lot to give, and I am sure that we will be hearing a lot more from them in the future if reports of their blistering awe-inducing live shows are anything to go by.