Phillip Rogers is a dedicated sort of man. Earlier this year he took his convictions in his hands, examined them closely, and found them worthy of doing something about. What followed was just a bit of a whirlwind…

Finding little joy in the UK music scene, he decided that it needed a bit of  an arsekick. Where on earth was a home for unknown and unsigned bands? Who was championing the cause of the talented but largely unheard?  Hmm… and in the best traditions of those blessed with vision, courage and a bit of madness, he did something about it.

BritRockArmy is the result of the musings, and the start of something else. Reviews and interviews are breeding like rabbits on the blog.  Just a few short months after the first post, there’s an event showcasing bands, including acoustic sets, happening at the Birmingham Roadhouse on Sunday 11th November (see flyer below). A compilation album of donated tracks is in progress  – the tracks are being whittled down, and this is proving to be a hard job.  ‘BritRockArmy – Uprising’ (temporary title!) is to be a double album, and voting for the 15 bands to appear on Part 2’s People’s Choice is underway on Facebook .

BritRockArmy marches on behalf of everyone in music  – we are all in it together, and one part can’t exist without the other.  If you have anything to say, need a place to play, want to praise/promote/play your trade, then there’s room to do it.

A great example of following your dreams. Long may BritRockArmy fight for music’s unknown soldiers.


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