Ben’s guitar corner

by Ben Dickinson

Hello again my peeps!

This time my guitar corner’s about finding the right guitar.
First thing is to do some research, what music do you play, what style do you want etc. There is no point buying a Gibson explorer fitted with EMG humbuckers if you are going to play rockabilly music!

Then set yourself a budget, and stick to it, although don’t be afraid to spend a little more or not spend as much as you have budgeted for.

This is the most important tip, don’t buy because of reputation or how nice it looks, try it, feel it. Is it for you? If not put it down and walk away.

There have been a number of occasions that I have settled for a cheaper guitar because it’s more comfortable. The name on the headstock doesn’t matter; if you have money to burn have one custom made. Alternatively have a crack at building your own, its not as hard as you think but it takes time but think of what you will have!

Anyway that’s me done for this time, take it easy folks, and remember keep practicing and play your heart out!