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  3. Fantastic review. Everthing I was thinking you put into fab words. I was the 71 year young that got on stage with Justin at The Barfly Birmingham 8.8.08. What an experience. He sure is a great guy in many more ways than one. If you have any photo’s of me on stage with Justin I would sure appreciate them. Please e-mail me or leave comment where I can get in touch. My rock idol is back, can’t wait for the debut album.

  4. An excellent review. A shame that you couldn’t have made the last two gigs. Manchester they truly were on fire, and Glasgow was only slightly behind.

    Roll on the Extreme support shows and the opportunity for the band to pull in some new fans.

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  6. nice to see justin back whare he belongs.I am one of the followers from his dark,ness days and looking forward to hearing his latest music.It has been to long await to hear this magnifecent mans ability to break every glass in the house with his amazing voice.Wishing you all the best and hope you can hold it together and rock out for many years to come.lol sean

  7. The wait, although really not as long as it could have been, for a new album from Justin Hawkins is over. His British Whale synth pop alias was essentially a tease with just two singles released, so the anxiety over more available material has since heightened. Enter Hot Leg, Justin’s new band consisting of himself and three friends. They label themselves “man rock,” which is amusing but fitting (silly outfits are out, sweatbands and leggings are in). This is Hawkins’ baby as he wrote, recorded, and produced everything. And what a beautiful baby it is!

    Red Light Fever is arguably deserving of comparison to The Darkness’ debut, Permission To Land. The guitar licks, fun, and flamboyancy are all there. The flavor of The Darkness goes wherever Justin Hawkins goes, and further proof exists in what his former band mates have done in Stone Gods – they just aren’t the same or as popular without their departed mastermind. Hawkins is carrying Hot Leg on his back now and the band is looking to make their mark in the man rock charts.

    Some songs which sound Darkness-esque, “Cocktails” and “Gay In The 80s” as two examples, are actually both co-written by Chas Bayfield, an unknown friend/writer of sorts. Was he around in The Darkness days? “Cocktails” is a very catchy song, but don’t allow yourself to be caught singing the chorus aloud… `Cock [cock]/ Cock, cock, cock, cocktails/ Cock [cock]/ Cock, cock, cock, cocktails.’ And then you have uncharacteristic songs like “Ashamed” featuring Beverlei Brown harmonizing with Hawkins, “Trojan Guitar,” described as a medieval five-minute-plus epic, and “Kissing In The Wind,” a relatively mellow album closer.

    There are actually several outtake songs which would be fantastic as a part of Red Light Fever, but a few are offered as freebies from the band’s website. Check those out, let Hot Leg give you a dose of man rock, and prepare to be swooned with this album.

  8. Hi Justin, Glad to see you in a new band, Hope everything is going well with the tour, if your back in Edinburgh, give us a write would love to hear your Band.
    Appreciate your guitar playing,Rock on , and Peace and Love

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  10. Ah yes, that damned smoke machine was meant to be on all the way through thtat gig but they forgot to press the button or it was pointing in the wrong direction or something…

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  12. As usual, said with style and aplomb. Good luck with the relaunch and revitalisation of OI. I know you’ll do great. You rock Bloodsucker!! xxx

  13. Fantastic, I agree with it all (No that’s not why it’s fantastic).

    I was having similar thoughts today as I’m sure a lot of us have been. Listened to my bootleg of the XFM gig twice in succession and then had a run through of another mix a little later. Imagined where and when the return might be, what it will entail – new stuff? PTL era? any of the OWT era some of which is so underated.

    I’ll respect whatever decisions get made, but with Frankie back somehow only Arrival followed by Bareback feels right. That calling card was and remains the strongest opening I’ve ever experience at any rock show.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about legacy too. What upset me when it ended, the way it ended, was that those who always dismissed and belittled them, those who saw it all as some novelty cabaret were able to continue that myth, to retcon history. Our defense, our passion, the real band that we followed and loved and promoted as best we could, without that live environment we had no fire.

    Listening to bootlegs is a clear and present reminder that whilst this band had a sense of humour and eccentricity that some could not stomach or see beyond, it was only a part of their attack. This band made it not because of a tache or a catsuit. It made it because Bareback is one of the most joyous rock instrumentals ever written, because Growing on Me has one of the most uplifting guitar solos of all-time, because Love is Only A Feeling is the greatest bower ballads of the last 20 years and beyond everything else because in Love on the Rocks that novelty band of three blokes from Lowestoft and a Scotsman in a bandanna crafted an anthem with ten times more balls than anything any other contemporary rock act this century can hold a candle too.

    We have Permission to Land.


  14. Correction: Livenation were always going to put the tickets on general sale.

    It appears they just had a block reserved for Donington ticket holders to give away first.

    Given that a lot of people had spent a lot of money to be at the first comeback show, believing it to be Download. It seems only far that they should get first refusal.

  15. Frankie: ‘Dan, don’t look but-that blonde chick in the front is totally checking you out?’
    Dan: ‘For real? THIS IS WHY I’M A ROCKSTAR’
    Justin: ‘C’mon guys-get that rhythm section going! I’m the only one who scores chicks ’round here’
    Frankie: ‘ 🙁 ‘
    Dan: ‘Whatever man, PUT YOUR SHIRT ON!’

  16. Justin ‘ C’mon guys lets finish that last session of rock paper scissors right here, right now. No one will catch on, we’re practically in a covert huddle. Hmm although it MAY be a bit tricky whilst playing our guitars…oooh c’mon guys?? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED? ‘

    • Justin and Dan take a moment with Frankie and query: ‘ Francis Gilles Poullain-Patterson, those shoes are simply devine you MUST tell us where from?? ‘

      (You’ll prob take my first caption, but I wanted to post anyway!)

  17. Jus: ( aghast at intertwined strings) ” okay now we’re screwed, whose idea was it to practice our knitting techniques with guitar strings and two drumsticks? Quick, you two twiddly twiddly and I’ll distract them by sticking a lemur down my pants and letting its tail adorn my back. And then we’ll rescue Ed from his crochet spiderman outfit.”

  18. Dan: Hang on, lads. You’re both caught on my leads.

    Justin: You’re really growing on me.

    Frankie: Or am I growing on you?

  19. Justin: Hey guys, what’s Ed doing down there?
    Dan: Looks like he’s having a tantrum and is drumming on the floor…
    Frankie: Either that, or he can’t get hold of a One Way Ticket and has decided to dig himself to Hell!

  20. Justin: Just to let you know guys, I’ve got the cat’s testicles behind an amp, so make sure you don’t trip over them!

  21. DAN: “Is it ok with you two if I play the Sonisphere intro to ‘Friday Night’?”
    JUSTIN: “Yeah, it’s Ed’s turn to lay claim to the f***-up!”

  22. Dan…I think they’ve realised we’re actually back and not a tribute band, at least we know how to play the songs properly…We really should have made a set list.

  23. Frankie: What the hell is “Is It Just Me?”, that’s not one of our songs.

    Dan: It was on the second album!!

    Frankie: Er, guys… I wasn’t on that.

    Justin: SHIT! I’ve already started the main riff!! Frankie just look at mine and Dan’s hands and play along!!

  24. Justin: Psst, guys, I can’t remember the lyrics to Concrete!

    Dan: It has lyrics? I thought you just wailed random falsetto notes?

    Justin: Ok fine, it doesn’t have any lyrics.

  25. Um… Dan

    Yeah Frank?

    Does Justin know he’s got a microphone growing out of his arm?

    Yeah mate, he doesn’t people pointing it out though. Frank?

    Yes Dan?

    Stop staring.

    I can’t! It’s got a stand and everything!

  26. Dan; “shucks you two!… CAN YOU STOP DROPPING YOUR PLECTRUMS! the bands budget has rocketed since this reformation!!
    Frankie: dont look at me!! im Holding my own!!
    Justin: Guys, lets not fall out again,,, lets just get that Ed bloke to ‘pick’ it up.

  27. “The Darkness were last seen being sucked inexorably into a Black Hole, confirming their position at the centre of the Galaxy of Rock!”

  28. Ok, this competition is ending NOW. The winner will be notified once a decision’s been made, and once everything’s confirmed with them, an announcement will follow. Thanks for all the entries!

  29. Brilliant gig, easily the best darkness/stonegods/hotleg gig i’ve ever been to (and there have been a few…)
    Many many many thanks for the free tickets, never managed to find you to say thanks, there were quite a few short, dark haired people about 😉
    couldn’t agree more on the photographer front… the ones with the large penis-replacing lenses and flash bulbs are bad enough, but i wish people would put their fucking iPhones away and enjoy the bloody show… i want to see the show with my eyes, not through your 4″ screen…

  30. Brilliant gig, easily the best darkness/stonegods/hotleg gig i’ve ever been to (and there have been a few…)
    Many many many thanks for the free tickets, never managed to find you to say thanks, there were quite a few short, dark haired people about
    couldn’t agree more on the photographer front… the ones with the large penis-replacing lenses and flash bulbs are bad enough, but i wish people would put their fucking iPhones away and enjoy the bloody show… i want to see the show with my eyes, not through your 4″ screen…

  31. I love the Hawkins high fives, Dan’s arm waving from the side of the stage during Holding My Own, and having bagpipers on stage at T in the Park 😀

  32. Hi, really enjoyed your personal and emotional review. Not only written in a readable way, but also touching the sense of what it is all about. We are (hopefully) many who welcome The Darkness back and, and there are few bands combining intelligent musical deliverance, positive raw energy and generosity like they do. They really kick ass and their shows make you feel great. …and I have been to several.

    All he best from northern Europe

  33. I live in Birmingham England. Have seen The Darkness many times, simple love thier sound, nothing else quite like it, and then there is Justin, no one about like him either. Me, i’m 74, their oldest friend and fan. Take care out there.

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  35. Well done The Darkness. They deserve it. here is one fan that say’s go for it…..mind you…..if I had just watched The Darkness perform, I would say to myself ‘ who ever in the world can follow that’….Lady Gaga sounds about right!. Good luck Guys.

  36. Well worth the dosh,
    ‘leave a light over my grave’ is the standout track for me closely followed by ‘one in the chamber’
    The whole EP reminds me of puddle of mudd/nirvana brilliant drums too very Dave Grohl.


  37. AAAAAAAND…this lil piece of magazine went to the Phoenix, Hollywood and San Francisco shows 🙂 Got Ed, Frankie and Justin’s signatures in Vegas, and Dan’s in San Francisco.

  38. Here’s my idea for the competition…

    Get together with two of your friends. All stand equidistant from each other, facing inwards towards each other. Place a biscuit in the middle, on the floor. All pee on the biscuit simultaneously. The last one to finish has to eat the biscuit, but wins the signed magazine!

    If my previous experience of OI competitions is anything to go by, this is a dead cert!

  39. Hey there,

    Im not sure if you have any reviews from Australia yet but I saw the guys in sydney and would be more than happy to write one.

    Let us know

  40. These lovely old photos were found deep in someone’s PC – if they are yours, or you are in them, let me know so I can add credits.

  41. Apologies, but for this comp there weren’t enough entries to properly judge. The prize will be up for grabs again soon.

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  45. I would have put Shake Like A Lettuce Leave on it because it’s a really underrated song and I’ve never heard it live! Although I guess with his newfound veganism Justin might want to change some of the lyrics…

    I like simple things, tofu pies, I still like potatochips and I still like my sushi deepfried but only the ones that are just rice and avocado

  46. First of all, thanks you so much for making this contest available to us Non-UK residents!! That’s really lovely.

    “English Country Garden” would have been perfect…

    *** I carved “You for me” in the bark of a tree in an English Country Garden ***

    I have never been to Thetford Forest, but I googled it and as soon as I saw some photos of it, images of Justin frolicking in heaps of leaves, running hand in hand with his loved one (in slow motion) and having a blast came to mind. So that would have been perfect…

  47. I would have put ‘LOVE IS ONLY A FEELING’

    because if you own one of the best power ballads you must play it every single show!! and because I love the song in his ‘live’ version!!

  48. I know I’m too late, but I have been listening to all 3 albums on rotation for weeks since you posted this. SO many songs, but after much thought- ‘Best Rock Ballad Ever’. Filmed here in Oz. Beautiful song. 2 guitar solos (one from each Hawkin’s Brother). All Band members step up & own it in this song. It makes me cry & moves every part of my core. Love Is Only A Feeling <3

  49. I’ve been a Darkling since the very early days of the band, and it was very disappointing after Frankie’s departure during the early stages of One Way Ticket, especially since I had never had a chance to see the band live being that I live in Buffalo, NY. A long way from England. But I waited it out and finally after much anticipation I got a chance to see the boys play in Toronto. A show I will never forget.. And to top it all off they played every song off this record. I know how to play the record from top to bottom on guitar and honestly it ranks in at my #1 album from start to finish. It’s a hard feat to accomplish, especially with it being their first release.

    Would love to have this in my collection!! Give me a D! Give me an Arkness!!!

    \m/ – Zach Case, Buffalo Ny

  50. Hi!! A good reason is because nine years ago I fell in love with The Darkness… I love them, they are present in my mind many hours a day and all day in my ears, hahaha … but it could also give you another reason, I wait months for magazines and discs, then I go to the tax office and fill out tons of paperwork explaining why I need that album or magazine to finally pay a heavy penalty, I have only two arms, and to pay penalty that my government requires for purchasing in foreign countries I should sell one of my arms,hahaha, I’m an art teacher, I need my arms to draw, I need them as much as I need a TD, I want my arms to be able to hug the darkness if they ever return to my country, haha,I think it’s a good rason, although it could sell a kidney … no…I think that’s not a good idea too. hahaha.

    love from Argentina X
    Annie 🙂

  51. hey you!
    Do you remember me

    And i know i should wait,
    But you lay it all out on a plate,

    I don’t wanna be unkind
    But there’s a peace I’ve yet to find

    She’s not my possession

    There’s a dragon I must chase

    but you soiled my obsession

    Of a cherished one

    many miles between you and me

    ‘Cause you came at a time

    Can’t get you off my head

    I catch your eye
    And you throw your sponge

    Ooh thats what they say,

    Gimme the keys

    But I won’t apologise

    gonna take a little time
    To assess my frame of mind
    Cause I’ve got hopes to realign

    All I wanna do is spend a little time with you,

    everything has fallen into place

    There’s a chance we could make it now
    We’ll be rocking till the sun goes down

    I won’t spend another lifetime begging you

  52. I’ve never had a chance to see the darkness – I live in New Zealand down at the edge of the earth. They were meant to come here for the first time since 2004, but it was a show on the Australian tour that got cancelled. I may never see them live, and having that record might soften that blow a little bit.

  53. One of our first gig dates was at a darkness gig in wolves 10 years ago. Last dec we celebrated 10 years together and our engagement at the lowestoft leg of the permission to land anniversary tour. We are planning our wedding now – it would be so special to walk down the aisle and to have our first dance while the vinyl is spinning!

  54. It’s the Darkness, there is no other reason needed. First there was the Beatles, then the stones, sabbeth and now the Darkness. Hands down one of the best bands I’ve ever seen live

  55. Because the US didn’t have it for sale and I would love to give it to the biggest US Darkness fan, not me, @thehickdog

  56. Well, I always wanted to become a great musician, thanks to Darkness, my FAVOURITE rock band.
    I live in Brazil, rock bands almost never come here, but my love for music is so big that I’ve started a petition to bring Darkness in next Rock’n Rio ( Rio de Janeiro), calling all my friends and people i see in the street to sign and share my petition with their friends.
    (it’s true, here it is: https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/produ%C3%A7%C3%A3o-rock-in-rio-queremos-the-darkness-no-rock-in-rio-2015-bring-the-darkness-to-rock-in-rio-2015 )

    It’s hard to do it alone but If i had sucess, i’d have the opportunity to meet my favorite band, imagine this! and see they playing live! As I said, in Brazil stores haven’t any Darkness cd to sell. Imagine vinyls.. I’ve never seen any Darkness material for sale here. This copy of “Permission To Land” would be just my first piece of a huge collection.
    Please, help me, guys! Give me this present!

  57. Tricky decision.
    Michele in Brazil is the winner!
    Thank you to everyone who entered. Hopefully there will be something else on offer one day soon.

  58. Oh no. What a shame. He has had health issues though, so good luck to him. He will be sadly missed. Any idea who will take over from him? Darby Todd maybe? Much love to all the guys. Please tour soon x

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  60. Wishing you all the support for the calendar at the end of the year. Your work inspired me to write about the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, and in doing so, I managed to raise awareness and inspire people who had never heard of the charity to donate. This wouldn’t have happened had it not been for your project inspiring me. So you’ve probably raised more than you think!

  61. This was so well written! Thank you! Can’t wait to listen to the album, and hopefully to see The Darkness appreciated and recognized by more people like they should. Thank you!:)