Justin says…

by Jo

Well, lots of things. He’s a well-established member of Myspace now, attracting friends like no one’s business. Conversing with the slightly shocked fans, blogging, being the silly arse we wanted back . No hidden agenda, no blaze of PR. Just Justin and his merry band of feline adjutants – they go very nicely together. I’d quite like the kitten pics back please…
Tis good to see. It’s a stop on my weary way through cyberspace for a giggle, these days. His replies to my messages have been pleasant, honest and down to earth, and his humour’s stamped all over the thing. He’s won a few rather cross people back with his blurb, by all accounts. Hypocrites, they’ve been called. I’m sure there a few, by the law of averages, but a few words can mend what’s wrong. You all know that,
Welcome to Justin the person, from all of those who never or rarely saw anything but Justin Rockstar. And thanks for both.


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